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Our favorites of the short films screened at Tribeca 2016

Doors: 6:45 PM
Screening: 7:30 PM
Taxes and fees included

Where: Space A (1st floor)

Movie presentations for June and July will take place in our first floor space (cocktail tables and bar service)

A selection of our favorites of the short films screened at Tribeca 2016.

Super Sex, by Matthew Modine (United States, 7 minutes)
That Dog, by Nick Thorburn (United States, 15 minutes)
Winds of Furnace, by Yamil Quintana (Mexico, 13 minutes)
You Can Go, by Christine Turner (United States, 9 minutes)
Mulberry, by Paul Stone (United States, 20 minutes)
Cherokee, by Jem Rankin (Australia, 11 minutes)
Dead Ringer, by Michael Tucker, Alex Kliment, Dana O'Keefe (United States, 4 minutes)
Curmudgeons, by Danny DeVito (United States, 16 minutes)
The Last Journey of the Enigmatic Paul WR, by Romain Quirot (France, 17 minutes)
Gonzo @ the Derby, by Michael D. Ratner (United States, 13 minutes)
Extremis, by Dan Krauss (United States, 24 minutes)
The Scarecrow, by Phillip Rhys (United States, 12 minutes)
Never Happened, by Mark Slutsky (Canada, 8 minutes)
Wannabe, by Matthew Manson (United States, 16 minutes)
We All We Got, by Carlos Javier Ortiz (United States, 9 minutes)
Homeland, by Sara Broos (Sweden, 14 minutes)
Nkosi Coiffure, by Frederike Migom (Belgium, 14 minutes)

The programming will be completed shortly.

Photo credit: Tribeca

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