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A conference day curated by Phi and Future of StoryTelling on the theme Real and Virtual Worlds: Blurring the Boundaries.

Full price:
Adults: $200 / students and seniors (65 and over): $175

Reduced price when you purchase 4 tickets or more:
Adults: $175 / students and seniors (65 and over): $150

Taxes and fees not included. ID will be requested at the door for reduced price admission

Each ticket includes breakfast, lunch, the day’s panels and conference, as well as access to a selection of virtual reality and immersive experiences.

The New Storytellers 5 will take place on December 4, 2018.

Phi is once again partnering with New York’s Future of StoryTelling (FoST) to bring its audiences a conference day featuring world-renowned speakers and panelists and moderated by Catalina Briceño.

The theme of The New Storytellers II is Real and Virtual Worlds: Blurring the Boundaries.

Cutting-edge digital technologies—from virtual, augmented, and mixed reality to artificial intelligence, haptics, and eye-tracking software—are changing storytelling, making it more interactive, three-dimensional, and immersive. Audiences can leave their seats behind and become the heroes of their own adventures, helping to determine how narratives unfold.

This trend isn’t exclusive to the digital world, however. Analog forms of interactive storytelling, such as immersive theatre, magic, improv and others, also give audiences a sense of agency and control over the story worlds they populate. As the line between real and virtual worlds continues to blur, what lessons can pioneers from the digital immersive storytelling world learn from their analog peers, and vice versa?

Full schedule

8:15 AM - Arrival of participants and breakfast

9 AM - Word of welcome

9:15 AM - Panel 1: World-building: Best Practices for Creating Story Worlds

There's a new standard for creating both physical and digital immersive storytelling experiences, and it has the power to re-engage how storytelling can change the world. "World-building" designates a narrative practice in which the design of a world precedes the telling of a story; the richly detailed world becomes a container for narrative, producing stories that emerge logically and organically from its well-designed core. Attendees will hear from pioneering world-builders and media makers as they discuss how integrating audience participation into narratives and designed environments is creating a profound and multidisciplinary new entertainment medium.

Moderator: Charles Melcher, Founder of Future of StoryTelling (FoST)
Dana Zimmerman, Studio Manager & Executive Producer at Microsoft HoloLens
Monika Bielskyte, Founder of AFE
Dr. Beau Lotto, Professor of Neuroscience London/New York and Founder / CEO of Lab of Misfits

10:15 AM - Break

10:45 AM - Panel 2: Design Principles and Challenges for Crafting Immersive Storytelling Experiences

An interaction between artists working in the field of storytelling and new technologies.

Moderator: Charles Melcher, Founder of Future of StoryTelling (FoST)
Sam Barlow, Executive Creative Director at Eko
Charles Huteau, Creative Director at Ubisoft Montreal studio
Yoni Bloch, CEO and Co-Founder of Eko

12 PM - Lunch

1:15 PM - Plus One Foundation intervention

1:30 PM - Panel 3: Living Stories: The Future of Narrative

The relationship between creators and audiences is growing increasingly symbiotic, as storytelling becomes much more collaborative and participatory. Panelists will explore the changing nature of the audience from passive consumers to active participants in immersive stories, discuss what it means in terms of authorship and ownership of stories, and offer applications for virtual reality, augmented reality, mixed reality and other new forms of interactive storytelling.

Moderator: Katy Newton, VR/AR Experience Designer, Independent Contractor
Mike Woods, CCO & Founder of White Rabbit VR
Yoni Bloch, CEO and Co-Founder of Eko
Vassiliki Khonsari, Executive Producer, Founder, Creator at iNK Stories

2:30 PM - Pause

3 PM - Conversation: Charles Melcher (Founder of Future of StoryTelling) and David Blaine (President at D. Blaine Productions Inc.)

4 PM - Cocktail and culinary intervention with HVOR: Surprendre le naturel

Bringing the vegetable garden indoors: an exploratory journey at the Phi Centre, where gastronomy and immersion converge to create a unique experience for the senses.

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Please note that the conference will be held in English.

Photo credit: Martine Lavoie (album)

The Future of StoryTelling (FoST) is a community of people from the worlds of media, technology, and communications who are exploring how stories are changing in the digital age. In addition to the invitation-only FoST Summit, FoST produces a regular blog, a monthly newsletter, influencer salons, international technology exhibitions and showcases, the FoST Prize for Innovation in Storytelling, and dozens of short films highlighting the big ideas shaping the storytelling landscape. This year also marked the debut of the FoST FEST, the world’s first immersive storytelling festival open to the public.

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