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A conference curated by Phi and Future of StoryTelling, presented as part of the Lucid Realities exhibition.

Doors: 8 AM
Conference: 8:45 AM

Adults: $300
Students and seniors: $260
Reduced price when you purchase 4 tickets or more:
Adults: $260 / Students and seniors: $220
Taxes and fees included

The New Storytellers 5 will take place on December 4, 2018.

At a time when new narrative formats seek to draw audiences into the heart of the story and the senses play an increasingly central role, how will we push the boundaries to redefine storytelling?

This December 6, in collaboration with New York’s Future of StoryTelling, the Phi Centre — a key player in the world of virtual reality in Montreal and around the globe — invites storytelling artists, professionals, and amateurs to reflect on this fascinating question for The New Storytellers III, presented alongside Phi Centre’s Lucid Realities exhibition. The day will be hosted by Catalina Briceño, director of industry and market trends at Canada Media Fund.

Full schedule:

8 AM – Arrival and breakfast

8:45 AM – Word of welcome

9:10 AM – Keynote: Narrative Reality and the Power of Immersive Entertainment

Brent Bushnell (Two Bit Circus)

9:45 AM – Panel 1: Stories That Surround You
The emerging field of experiential art, comprised of physical experiences such as live performance and immersive theatre, and experiences through a digital interface such as VR or AR, is ushering in an entirely new realm of entertainment. In some ways, the impact of technology dominating our lives has created a renewed focus on creating experiences that enable people to feel connected to the real world, with human, tactile connections becoming most valued. At the same time, this past year has also shown us the potential of crossovers between disciplines—that technology can mindfully be built into live performances and elevate those experiences to a whole new level. This conversation will explore what it means to create a story world, design for presence, and craft compelling narrative experiences that capture the audience's imagination with a new perception of reality.

Justin Denton (Here Be Dragons)
Hector Harkness (Punchdrunk International)
David Oppenheim (NFB)
Cortney Harding (Friends With Holograms)

11 AM – Break

11:30 AM – Panel 2: Behind the Scenes
Peek behind the curtain with some of the artists featured in Lucid Realities, who will share with us the inspiration and creative process behind their revolutionary work.

Karen Palmer (Multi-Disciplinary Filmmaker)
Benoit Richer (Ubisoft Montréal)
Saschka Unseld (Happiness Machine)
Milica Zec (New Reality Company)
Charles Melcher (Future of StoryTelling)

1 PM – Lunch

2 PM – Panel 3: The Art of Crafting Multisensory Stories
We perceive the world through the sum of our senses; our perception of reality is our brain's best guess based on sensory input. But what happens when sensory technologies become the interface between humans and stories? A new wave of storytelling is upon us, amplified by technologies such as AR, VR, AI, and haptics that are enabling us to create new realities that either augment our senses or put us in the shoes of others. We've arrived at a time when we can feel, touch, and taste stories! Hear from innovative creatives working in this fascinating field as they discuss best practices for elevating stories with immersive media, and walk away with an understanding of where this particular breed of physically visceral narratives may take us in the future.

Ersin Han Ersin (Marshmallow Laser Feast)
Kane Lee (Baobab Studios)
Karen Palmer (Multi-Disciplinary Filmmaker)

Winslow Turner Porter III (New Reality Company)
Charles Melcher (Future of StoryTelling)

3:15 PM – Break

3:45 PM – Keynote: Wonderful Ideas

Damian Kulash Jr. (OK Go)

4:45 PM – Cocktail

The first ticket buyers will also get the chance to experience Believe Your Eyes, a spectral dream created by Samsung Electronics America and Punchdrunk International that sold out at the Phi Centre in September and will be back in Montreal for the event. Participants will also enjoy free all day access to Lucid Realities on December 5 and 6. The ticket include breakfast, lunch and a cocktail at the end of the day.

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