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Join us for culinary demonstrations on the theme of food waste with famous chefs Massimo Bottura, Antonio Park and David Hawksworth

Demo 1 (Massimo Bottura):
Event: 11 AM
Tickets: SOLD OUT
Where: Le Rhinocéros (1st floor)

Demo 2 (Antonio Park):
Event: 1:30 PM
Tickets: SOLD OUT
Where: Le Rhinocéros (1st floor)

Demo 3 (David Hawksworth):
Event: 4 PM
Tickets: $100
Taxes and fees are not included
Where: Le Rhinocéros (1st floor)

This spring, the Phi Centre will delight both discriminating gourmets and people concerned about food waste by welcoming three renowned chefs, who will take turns at the stove. Massimo Bottura, from Italian restaurant Osteria Francescana, Antonio Park, from Montreal restaurants Park and Lavanderia, and renowned Canadian chef David Hawksworth from Vancouver restaurants Hawksworth and Nightingale, will share their know-how and passion during three exclusive demonstrations.

Participants will have the chance to enhance their culinary skills in a lively and enjoyable atmosphere, led by these masters of the art.

These demonstrations are part of the Theater of Life series of socio-culinary events to be held at the Phi Centre from May 25 to 28. Centred on the theme of food waste, the programme will include a conference, an exhibition, and meals prepared by top local and international chefs.

Demo 1:
Massimo Bottura
Length: 120 minutes

Massimo Bottura’s culinary demonstration will include three wine and food paired tastings. Chef Bottura will choose favourites from the classic repertory along with more contemporary recipes. His book Never Trust a Skinny Italian Chef will also be available for purchase by those wishing to explore the philosophy of the Italian chef back in their own kitchen.

Demo 2:
Antonio Park
Length: 120 minutes

During Antonio Park's culinary demonstration, the Montreal renowned chef will prove that it's possible to use all the parts of a fish in the kitchen. Park will cook it on site entirely, without generating any losses.

Demo 3:
David Hawksworth
Length: 120 minutes

Chef Hawksworth, from Vancouver's renowned restaurants Hawksworth and Nightingale, will demonstrate his expertise in the kitchen by utilizing stale bread. As a staple of our daily diet, he will educate participants on it's use in the kitchen beyond it's normal shelf life. His dishes will include panzanella salad, bruschetta and bread pudding - all cooked with surplus food.

Please note that the demonstrations will be in English

Photo credit: Triplex Films (cover)


Massimo Bottura

Culinary visionary Massimo Bottura is no stranger to thinking outside the kitchen. At the vanguard of a new generation of Italian chefs, his work both as an innovator and restaurateur has consolidated his reputation as one of the world’s most creative culinary figures. Massimo’s internationally renowned three Michelin star restaurant, Osteria Francescana, is currently second on The World’s 50 Best Restaurants listing. Massimo is also known for applying his creativity to bigger picture social issues, such as the Food for Soul project which commenced in Milan and created meals from repurposed food scraps. He engages the public in community projects aimed at bringing dignity back to the table.

Antonio Park

Antonio Park learned how to cook from his mom, watching her make things from scratch. They’d get our fruits and vegetables from their huge backyard garden. That’s where he learned the importance of freshness and quality. In 1990 Park moved to Burnaby, B.C., then to Montreal. He didn’t speak French. On hid first day at school, there was a big fight between the Koreans and Latinos, with him in the middle. That was his introduction to life in Quebec. In his teens, the famous chef worked as a dishwasher at a Chinese buffet, helped out at his parent’s dépanneur, and got his first kitchen job at his sister’s restaurant. He decided to get serious about cooking after apprenticing at her second restaurant, a Japanese place. So he packed up and went to Japan to learn from the source. Antonio Park loves Japanese food—it’s like Korean, but more delicate. Japanese is simple and zen. Korean is complex. Park loves them both. They use the same ingredients—the ones he grew up with. In Japan, Park trained under masters and learned what they were looking for in their dishes. His goal was to understand their philosophy, why things are done a certain way. So this is Antonio Park, whatever this mix is. Forget fusion. Park has been a chef in Tokyo, Osaka, New York, Toronto, and Montreal. Now he owns the restaurant Park. Something different and personal, something that’s all about who he really is.

David Hawksworth

Chef David Hawksworth realized his culinary vision at his first eponymous restaurant, in the very heart of downtown Vancouver. At Hawksworth Restaurant, which opened in 2011, he has created the ideal setting to deliver compelling contemporary Canadian cuisine; a demonstration of his European-trained technical ability, deep appreciation for local ingredients and an absolute insistence on only the very best quality. Winner of 2012 and 2013 Vancouver Magazine Restaurant Awards Restaurant of the Year and Chef of the Year and for four consecutive years, Best Upscale Dining, as well as enRoute magazine’s top three Best New Restaurants, and Maclean’s magazine Restaurant of the Year; Hawksworth has anchored himself at the helm of the Vancouver – and Canadian – dining scene.

Chef Hawksworth began a culinary partnership with Air Canada in fall 2015 and now designs signature dishes that are now exclusively featured on Air Canada flights in International Business Class and in Maple Leaf Lounges.

La Tablée des Chefs is a non-profit organization that has for mission is to feed people in need and to develop the culinary education of youth. It is also the engine of social involvement for Chefs, Cooks and Pastry chefs. Through its food chores and its Sustainable Food Brokerage Service, La Tablée des Chefs redistribute annually more than 498 000 servings of food to people in need. The organization also offers culinary training programs that focus on basic cooking techniques and the principles of healthy eating. Les Ateliers du Frère Toc are offered in every Youth Centers of the province in order to develop teenagers culinary autonomy and encourage the acquisition of tangible skills needed to complete daily tasks. Les Brigades Culinaires program is offered in 60 high schools, to more than 1 200 teenagers, in 14 regions across Quebec.

Air Canada is the official airline sponsor of Theater of Life.
Air Canada is Canada's largest full-service airline and the largest provider of scheduled passenger services in the Canadian market, the Canada-U.S. transborder market and in the international market to and from Canada.

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