Past Event

Short films program

February 8: 3 PM
February 12: 5 PM
Free admission
Tickets will be offered one hour before the screening at the box office. First come, first serve basis (maximum 4 tickets per person).

Où: Espace B (2e étage)

February 8, 3 PM:

A Grand Canal - Johnny Ma (20 min)
A Greek tragedy told in Chinese pop music. The tragic events of a boat captain trying to collect a debt to save his fleet of boats, as remembered by his ten year old son.

Noah de Woodman - Patrick Cederberg (17 min)
Illustrates the flitting attention span and lack of true connection in digital culture more clearly than anything else in recent memory.

Paradise Fall - Fantavious Fritz (17 min)
Two adventurous youths explore a haunted mansion and fall in love with it's ghost, deep in the heart of suburban hell.

Subconscious Password - Chris Landreth (11 min) (3D)
Forgetting somebody's name is the starting point for a mind-bending romp through the unconscious.

Yellowhead - Kevan Funk (19 min)
The story of a middle-aged safety inspector whose health and personal life decline amidst the backdrop of the industrial complexes of the northern landscape. The film utilizes a well-known issue in Canadian politics but focuses on a fictional human subject to capture the viewer’s attention.

February 12, 5 PM:

Quelqu'un d'extraordinaire - Monia Chokri (30 min)
A 30 year-old scholar, intelligent and beautiful yet socially crippled, is forced to attend a bachelorette party where her quest for authenticity leads to an unavoidable confrontation with old acquaintances.

The Chaperone - Fraser Munden and Neil Rathbone (11 min) (3D)
The Chaperone tells the true, previously untold story of a lone school teacher who fought off an entire motorcycle gang while chaperoning a middle school dance in a church basement in 1970s Montreal, Canada. Told from the first person unscripted perspective of the school teacher and DJ who were there that night, The Chaperone recreates the whole scene using hand drawn animation, miniature sets, puppets, live action Kung Fu and explosions, all done in stereoscopic 3D.

The End of Pinky - Claire Blanchet (8 min)
Adapting Heather O'Neill's noir fiction, Claire Blanchet brings vividly scripted characters to life in this stereoscopic animation set in Montreal's seedy Lower Main. O'Neill narrates her own story, which follows amoral Johnny to a shadowy strip club, to settle a score with an old friend — while his gal Mia waits at his apartment.

In Guns We Trust - Nicolas Lévesque (12 min)
In Kennesaw, a small American town in the state of Georgia, a good citizen is an armed citizen. By law, since 1982, each head of household must own at least one working firearm with ammunition.

Nous avions - Stéphane Moukarzel (19 min)
Montreal, 1999. Like every sunday, a modest Pakistani immigrant family picnics in a dead-end next to the Airport, closely watching planes land. On this special day where the Legendary Concord is expecte — a rare treat in town — 17 year-old Akram, the eldest son of 3 kids, deeply in his teenage crisis, decides to take off to live his own life, creating a commotion in the family.

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