Last spring the Phi Centre housed an immersion into the kaleidoscopic world of emerging pop princess, Allie X–a creative collaboration which culminated in a 48h reveal.

Over the course of a two-week residency, Allie X and the Phi Centre teamed up to construct the next artistic chapter in the career of the Los Angeles-by-way-of-Toronto singer/songwriter. 48H ALLIE X was the result of this intense 14-day creative collusion, which the public was invited to discover through a debut live performance, digital installation, interactive media installations and comic book. 

Here is a video from Allie X's first-ever performance:

Visit the website for a better sense of the full experience.

Photo credit: Andrea Cloutier

About Centre Phi
The Phi Centre is a versatile space with venues that adapt to accommodate the event at hand: launches, conferences, seminars, screenings, exhibitions, concerts, performances, interactive installations. It has creative studios and production suites equipped with the latest technology for all artistic needs. It’s a multifunctional centre where art can express itself in its various forms. It’s a space where people can exchange, learn, discover, launch, shoot, record, and more.

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