Every second Tuesday, tune in for Chosen Family, a new podcast series created by rising comedy stars, Thomas Leblanc and Tranna Wintour. Twice a month, Chosen Family will feature conversations with very special guests, live storytelling, and cultural commentary that shines a light on the importance of friendship, resistance, and community at the intersection of art, gender, and sexuality.

Joining the family for the first episode is comedy superstar Jen Kirkman and choreographer Miguel Gutierrez. During the course of their hilarious and irreverent conversations, Thomas and Tranna discuss family relationships, Joan Rivers, and Madonna.

This first episode features:

  • An excerpt of Crazy Sexy 90's show at The Wiggle Room (11:38)
  • A phoner with choreographer Miguel Gutierrez live from New York (18:01)
  • An interview with the incredible Jen Kirkman (26:33)
  • Thomas and Tranna's cultural obsessions (58:07)

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Jen Kirkman, Chosen Family's guest for this very first episode, is the writer of two New-York-Times-bestselling books and currently has two comedy specials available on Netflix. She is known for her work on Chelsea Lately and has basically been on every late night show in existence, from Colbert to Conan. During their conversation, Thomas and Tranna took the opportunity to ask her their "Chosen" questions.

Chosen family member?
I'm gonna say Joan Rivers as my chosen second mom!

Chosen TV show from the 80's?
Family Ties.

Chosen Madonna song?
Rebel Heart.

Chosen summer memory?
Public pool growing up, I loved it!

And Chosen luxury?
First class!

Special thanks to AWWFUL for the ending song (featured above).

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Chosen Family is an original concept created by Tranna Wintour and Thomas Leblanc and is presented and produced by Phi.

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