The Man From Mo' Wax chronicles the life and times of James Lavelle, the founder of Mo’ Wax Records, one of the most successful and influential independent labels in electronic and hip-hop music history. To get you in mood for the Canadian launch of the documentary, we put together a selection of DJ mixes by some of the iconic artists of the label’s roster.

60 Min’s of Mo’Wax Shit (1997)

Only a few hundred copies of this ultra-rare mix CD were ever made. Close your eyes and this “60 Minutes of Mo’Wax Shit” will bring you back to a dingy ’90s British club where the bass was loud and the beats were banging.

Unkle - BBC Essential Mix (2002)

Part of the ongoing legendary BBC Essential Mix series, this is a stellar set from UNKLE, the supergroup formed by the Mo’ Wax label extended family. Mixed by James Lavelle & Richard File in 2002, it features a ton of unexpected selections like Queens Of The Stone Age, Kraftwerk, DJ Shadow, Georgio Moroder as well as a few mash-ups (Tears For Fears VS DMX anyone?!) which became a huge trend a few years later. Madness!

DJ Shadow on Gilles Peterson Worldwide - BBC (2018)

DJ Shadow, the most successful artist on Mo’ Wax’s roster, steps in for a 3 hour session on the BBC and goes super deep in his record collection paying tribute to one of his biggest DJ heroes, sir Gilles Peterson!

DJ Krush - Mo’ Wax Headz Tour tape (1994)

Ultra-rare cassette that accompanied the Mo’ Wax label tour in 1994. The tape represents the label’s sound and influences really well. The godfather of Japanese Hip Hop and Beats, DJ Krush goes left and right in this intense session.

Tribute to Mo’ Wax Records - Selected by Phil Larochelle (2018)

To close this Mo’ Wax mix selection on the right note, here is our contribution to the list! We were thinking of who in Montreal to ask for a tribute mix dedicated entirely to the label and one name came to mind - Phil Larochelle. Always one of our favourites, Phil is one of the most eclectic DJs in town and one that always repped that Trip Hop/Abstract Hip Hop and Beats vibe.

By Alexis Charpentier

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