In this episode Thomas and Tranna discuss queer identity, the role of labels, and the punk way of life along with guests John Cameron Mitchell and Nadya Ginsburg.

Tranna takes her social media friendship with Nadya Ginsburg and brings it one step closer to the real world via a phone call. Nadya, best known for her webseries Madonnalogues and her writing on shows like Fashion Police, shares some surprising Canadian personal history, a love of Cher and insights on upcoming projects.

This week's featured guest is none other than John Cameron Mitchell who joined the fam live in studio to discuss the impact of his work, identity, Trump's America, Nicole Kidman and more. John is an New York City actor, writer, and director best known for his award-winning musical Hedwig and the Angry Inch and his films Shortbus, Rabbit Hole and his upcoming release How To Talk to Girls At Parties (premiering at POP Montreal).

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John's chosen album?
David Bowie's Hunky Dory

John's chosen Bowie look?
His fascist look

John's chosen New York neighbourhood?
The West Village

John's chosen Nicole Kidman movie (that he didn't direct)?
Dogville or Margot at the Wedding

This episode also features:
• An excerpt from 'Travis Cannon Is Special' via The Brunch Club's ____ Is special comedy series
• Thomas and Tranna's cultural obsessions

Special thanks to Rose Bush for the ending song "Bellow".

Photo credit: Jean-Sébastien Dénommé

Chosen Family is a podcast created by rising comedy stars Thomas Leblanc and Tranna Wintour featuring conversations with special guests, storytelling and cultural commentary that shines a light on the importance of friendship, resistance and community. Presented and produced by Phi. 

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