It’s a love fest this week on Chosen Family! Tranna and Thomas dive deep into the subject of relationships in the age of the dating app, revealing a side of themselves you haven’t seen (or heard) before…

This episode features a performance by beloved and brilliant stand-up comedian, Ashley Moffatt, recorded live at the Queer and Present Danger Tour in Toronto. Joining the family by phone is the fabulous Ryan G. Hinds, performance artist, actor, singer, writer, dancer, choreographer—in short, there’s nothing Ryan can’t do. He has even sang back-up for Liza Minnelli!

This week’s main guest is choreographer and performer, Dana Michel. Dana has travelled around the world with her solo shows Yellow Towel and Mercurial George, racking up awards and critical praise everywhere she goes. Together, Dana, Thomas, and Tranna discuss identity, the creative process, and the importance of approaching your work from a place of love.

The love train ends with its final stop: Boys Do Cry by Antony Carle. Antony is set to take the pop world by storm with his entrancing, dazzling new single that you are going to LOVE!

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Dana’s chosen music to dance to?
Mountain by Mall Grab with Yaeji 

Dana’s chosen dancer?
Ivo Dimchev

Dana’s chosen Montreal hang-out spot?
Anywhere that has poutine 

Dana’s chosen performance space?

Dana’s chosen way to spend a Sunday?
No plans, watching movies in pajamas, but that never happens. 

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Chosen Family is a podcast created by rising comedy stars Thomas Leblanc and Tranna Wintour featuring conversations with special guests, storytelling and cultural commentary that shines a light on the importance of friendship, resistance and community. Presented and produced by Phi. 

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