It’s simultaneously the most wonderful and awful time of the year, but you better not pout because Thomas and Tranna are here to help you navigate the ups and downs of the season in their very first Christmas special! Inspired by the classic holiday specials of yesteryear, Thomas and Tranna welcome a bevy of guests to join them in a hilarious discussion of Christmas and all its implications, from family drama to the making of plum puddings.

The first guests to the table are comedians, Rachel Gendron and James Watts, who join the family to share their favourite and most painful Christmas memories, including one about an unforgettable encounter with an eyelash curler.

In a very rare interview, Thomas and Tranna welcome Nancy Webb and Travis Cannon, the founding members of Kelp!, a wellness movement that is poised to overtake Gwyneth Paltrow’s Goop empire. You’ll find the information in this segment invaluable as Nancy and Travis share their most secret holiday wellness tips including microhydration and the healing power of dancing in Kreuzberg. The Kelp! duo also share an incredible list of holiday gift ideas that we guarantee you have never thought of before. This list makes Oprah’s Favorite Things look positively provincial.

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Tranna receives a very special gift, a tarot card reading from Thomas’s magical, wonderful friend Guillaume Mansour. It’s Tranna’s very first tarot reading and it is illuminating, to say the least. You can book your own tarot reading with Guillaume, and we honestly think it’s the best gift you could give anyone this year!

A Chosen Family Christmas ends with a sing-along of Silent Night (featuring Justin Metcalfe from Ghost Love on guitar) not because Tranna or Thomas are religious, but because this song is part of the public domain.

We’d like to take this moment to wish you all the merriest Christmas and the happiest New Year, and to thank you from the bottom of hearts for listening to Chosen Family and supporting this project. We seriously love you so much.

Chosen Family is a podcast created by rising comedy stars Thomas Leblanc and Tranna Wintour featuring conversations with special guests, storytelling and cultural commentary that shines a light on the importance of friendship, resistance and community. Presented and produced by Phi. 

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