Photo: courtesy Felix & Paul Studios and NASA

THE INFINITE will be having its world premiere at Arsenal Contemporary Art Montreal on July 21. For more details, visit the exhibition page.

PHI Studio and Felix & Paul Studios announced the first joint venture in their history, INFINITY Experiences, with the goal of creating and marketing large-scale immersive projects such as the traveling exhibition ∞INFINITY: Living Among the Stars, developed in collaboration with TIME Studios.

Scheduled for 2021, ∞INFINITY: Living Among the Stars will transport visitors into space. Since December 2018, Felix & Paul Studios' VR cameras have been tracking astronaut missions from various countries and orbiting in and around the International Space Station with the collaboration of TIME Studios.

The large-scale traveling exhibition will leverage all the latest innovations in technological storytelling. It will integrate never-before-seen footage from Space Explorers: The ISS Experience filmed in 3D 360-degrees in the International Space Station in its walk-through of the life-scale Space Station. An Emmy-nominated immersive series from Felix & Paul Studios, Space Explorers follows the lives of astronauts on Earth and in space, and is a collaboration with TIME Studios, NASA, and several space agencies from countries including Canada.

“For PHI, this joint venture is also a unique opportunity to expand the notion of curating into the realm of deep space VR”, explained Phoebe Greenberg, Founder and Director of PHI.

For PHI, this joint venture is also a unique opportunity to expand the notion of curating into the realm of deep space VR.

For Félix Lajeunesse of Felix & Paul Studios, this ambitious project is also a dream come true: "∞INFINITY transports worldwide audiences at the forefront of human space exploration, through an extraordinary immersion full of poetry and emotional impact. Leveraging exclusive cinematic VR footage filmed inside and outside the International Space Station over two years, as well as the breathtaking sense of presence and intimacy provided by the very edge of immersive media, the exhibition explores the inspiring and revealing journey of astronauts living in orbit — and humanity’s future among the stars."

The traveling exhibition, which will be funded through the Montreal joint venture, will visit several cities across North America and Europe over a five-year period, reaching an estimated audience of 1.2 million spectators.

Photos: courtesy of Felix & Paul Studios with NASA

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