The idea of “being alone together” has never been more real than it is right now. In order to support artists, PHI launched Parallel Lines, a virtual artist residency presented as a part of the Living Traces initiative. The ten recipients are currently working on their projects, to be explored on our platform.

Sometimes a good marine metaphor—we like the ocean here at PHI—is better than a thousand words: we’re all in the same boat, but are heading towards different horizons. Let’s just say that the period of time we are currently going through is a little bit of a paradox. On the one hand, this obligation to isolate ourselves is shared by all; but on the other hand, each of us is alone in this collective moment of introspection.

This feeling of isolation itself is not enough for us to commemorate this unique journey. That is why Living Traces offers a communal space to express yourself, where we invite the public to contribute to a collective artwork influenced by automatism.

It’s also why we put out a call to artists in the Greater Montreal area to launch our Parallel Lines initiative, a new virtual artist residency. Ten artists from all disciplines have been selected by our Curatorial Team, receiving a grant of $2,000 to develop a creative project over 60 days.

Here are the ten artists in residence:

  • Adam Basanta, visual arts
  • Philippe Collard, literature
  • Philippe Dubost, media/digital arts
  • Gauche/Droite, media/digital arts
  • Lexis, music
  • Marilou Lyonnais, media/digital arts
  • Dayna McLeod, media/digital arts
  • Naghmeh Sharifi, visual arts
  • Connor Willumsen, visual arts
  • Justin Wright, music


In addition to the grant, their creative process was documented on our platforms. The final projects will be presented in a virtual exhibition starting July 16 on


About Centre Phi
The Phi Centre is a versatile space with venues that adapt to accommodate the event at hand: launches, conferences, seminars, screenings, exhibitions, concerts, performances, interactive installations. It has creative studios and production suites equipped with the latest technology for all artistic needs. It’s a multifunctional centre where art can express itself in its various forms. It’s a space where people can exchange, learn, discover, launch, shoot, record, and more.

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