Artist Statement

Of late there is a deviant force working in Washington (Corporate America’s false front) to turn logic on its head; to confuse, bewilder and exhaust those who are still guided by a sense of human decency. This malevolent force has so compromised our institutions of oversight that their crooked capos in the White House and the Senate are free now to deal openly from the bottom of the deck and dare you to “do sump’m about it!”

Their right wing propaganda machine incited thoughts of elite conspiracies and alienation that transformed much of America into the land of the blind. And the One-Eyed Jack became King. It was then I decided to retool and repurpose an old passion I had when I was a child... drawing cartoons. It was not only a form of therapy for myself but a way of publicly resisting the devolution that is currently endangering one of life’s most precious resources. The God’s Honest Truth.

Expressing my feelings of outrage through my art on social media has allowed me to stand in solidarity with millions of kindred spirits and get a little payback from the cabal of moral cowards who are tripping over each other to sell us out for money, power and oh yes... RELEVANCE. Do we all wish to gain attention for ourselves? Yes. Absolutely. But I have only ever sought the type of relevance that could be of benefit to the world and not at its expense.

Ultimately, I have no doubt that what we are is bigger than the selfishness and sociopathy made possible by deregulated capitalism or any other human concern, yet there is a body and a brain that plays this game called "I am a member of the human family" as best it can. I choose to play it as an alchemist: to take the base metals of my emotional experience and turn them into something creative to share with the world.

I don’t hate the subjects of my cartoons. I hate their unconsciousness. I pity them for thinking they can win the game by selling their soul for a name. I want to shake them until they finally awaken and learn how good it feels to win when you play fair.

To Love,


Jim Carrey, Oh Say Can't You See, 2018

Jim Carrey, Ready the Ark, 2019
Jim Carrey, Earth Needs Gardeners, 2019

Jim Carrey, Beware the Gorgon, 2018
Jim Carrey, Christianity Trump Style, 2018
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