Every Friday afternoon, the team behind Music Is My Sanctuary is putting together a show featuring live performances, discussions and stories dedicated to the discovery and sharing of Forgotten Treasures & Future Classics.

That's a wrap! Tash, Scott C, and Lexis share some knowledge and some tracks both new and old, rare and popular. A big thank you to everyone involved, and for all of you who tuned in!


“She Ran Away”, by Cody ChesnuTT (4:07)
“After The Rain”, by Pastor T.L. Barrett (13:08)
“Not Actual Gameplay”, by Ikonika (19:05)
“Spirit World”, by Tapes vs. Superstar & Star (24:57)
“One Day, Won’t Give It Away”, by Wally Badarou (30:23)
“Florida”, by September (40:14)
“Jill Stein”, by Jacob Mann (47:55)
“Boogieman”, by Childish Gambino (53:42)
“How’d I Know That Love Would Slip Away”, by The Emotions (59:20)
“Trash The Junk”, by Da One Away (1:06:48)
“Vivid Dreams feat. River Tiber”, by Kaytranada (1:18:25)
“Ar-Raqis”, by Clap! Clap! (1:23:42)
“Best Kept Secret”, by Diamond D (1:28:35)
“Str8 Outta Mumbai”, by Jai Paul (1:36:07)
“3030”, by Paul Institute (1:40:42)
“Don’t Let Nobody Get You Down”, by The Starblazers (1:43:03)
“Celestial Blues”, by Gary Bartz (1:49:51)
“Black Mary”, by Pariss Clemons (2:01:20)

Photo credit: Bruno Destombes
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Alexis Charpentier (Lexis)
Tasha Anestopoulos (The One Tash)
Scott Clyke (Scott C)

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