Every Friday afternoon, the team behind Music Is My Sanctuary is putting together a show featuring live performances, discussions and stories dedicated to the discovery and sharing of Forgotten Treasures & Future Classics.

The second edition of your weekly guide to life-changing is here. Every Friday afternoon MIMS radio team is broadcasting live video from the Phi Centre studio from 2 to 4 PM. The archived content is available at the beginning of the following week.

This week your hosts Scott C and The One Tash run down the best new releases and also welcome some serious talent in the studio.

This session features:

  • A weekly roundup by the hosts of the best new releases (03:30)
  • A live performance from Montreal's KNLO, feat. Lou Phelps and Caro Dupont (31:00)
  • An interview with Jacques Greene (43:00)
  • A DJ set and interview with Christian Mártir (1:06:00)

Video from KNLO's studio performance:

  • "Ville-Marie" (feat. Lou Phelps and Caro Dupont)
  • "Merci" (feat. Caro Dupont) (03:41)
  • "Justeçayinque" (feat. Caro Dupont) (06:45)


  • Ill Camille - “Home”
  • Rene Costy - “Scrabble”
  • Ondatrópica - “Malaria”
  • Onra - “The Spirit Blossoms All Over the Land”
  • Onra - “Autumn Moon Shining Over the Calm Lake”

Photo credit: Bruno Destombes
MIMS Radio is curated by Music Is My Sanctuary
Special thanks to Moog Audio 

Alexis Charpentier (Lexis)
Tasha Anestopoulos (The One Tash)
Scott Clyke (Scott C)

About Centre Phi
The Phi Centre is a versatile space with venues that adapt to accommodate the event at hand: launches, conferences, seminars, screenings, exhibitions, concerts, performances, interactive installations. It has creative studios and production suites equipped with the latest technology for all artistic needs. It’s a multifunctional centre where art can express itself in its various forms. It’s a space where people can exchange, learn, discover, launch, shoot, record, and more.

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