What a season it’s been!

MIMS Radio has been a favourite project for a lot us, and we’re so happy how season 2 turned out. This last episode features Lexis & ASMA as your hosts, with in-studio performances from Montreal lyricist Husser as well as the rising Montreal R&B singer Shay Lia. We were happy to host London jazz musician Zara McFarlane in studio for an interview ahead of her Montreal performance. For this episode’s Geek Down, ASMA has researched and dug up music that was recorded in prison! A big shout out to all the artists and guests who have come through the studio throughout the season, and of course a big thank you to all the listeners from around the world!

This session features:


Crucial Material
"90 Degrees", Yazmin Lacey
"Botijas", Hugo Fattoruso
"Untitled Original 11386 (Take 1)", John Coltrane
"Bias" (feat. Leonie Grey), Tehu
"Earlyman Dance", Benedek
"Forêts" (feat. Ogee Rodman, Caballero & JeanJass), Yes McCan

In Situ: Husser
"High For This", Husser
"Project_001", Husser
"How To Get Away With", Husser

Geek Down: Songs Recorded In Prison
"Prestame tu Caballo", Bobby Valentin
"Vamonos Pal Monte", Eddie Palmieri
"Psych City", Ohio Penitentiary 511 Jazz Ensemble
"Paradise Lost", Upheaval
"Changing Times", Ike White
"Our Love", The Edge of Daybreak
"Some Got Six Months", Robert Pete Williams

Conversation with Zara McFarlane
"Fussin’ And Fightin'", Zara McFarlane
"Almost Went Too Far", Joe-Armon Jones
"Peace Begins Within", Nora Dean
"Fisherman", The Congos
"Angie La La" (Yoruba Soul Mix), Zara McFarlane feat. Leron Thomas

In Situ: Shay Lia
"Cherish", Shay Lia
"All Alone", Shay Lia

"Too Shy", Makaya McCraven feat. Emma-Jean Thackray

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Alexis Charpentier (Lexis)
Tasha Anestopoulos (The One Tash)
Walla P

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