Words that denounce, rhythms that soothe, and images that dare. Teatime has never been so infused with raw emotion as when twelve good friends of Phi take up the challenge of showing themselves in a new light. How? By reciting their favourite poem, allowing us, at the same time, to discover poetic voices. In the fourth and last part of this unique video series produced and created by Phi, Yes Mccan and Eliza McNitt explore uncensored the interplay between rhymes and sounds, sharing with us a moment of quiet introspection.

Eliza McNitt reads Exploded stars, by Kamilah Aisha Moon

Director Eliza McNitt discovered her path to the stars through science: her first documentary film, Requiem for the Honeybee, investigated the buzz surrounding the looming extinction of honeybees, victims of our poor environmental choices. Since then, she has explored the songs of the cosmos and the lessons of the Big Bang, compelling us to think deeply and raising our awareness. With her virtual reality trilogy Spheres, she plunged viewers into darkness to help them discover their inner light. With this poem by American poet Kamilah Aisha Moon, she reflects on the explosion of celestial bodies.

it already happened, it’s happening
anyway, to happen soon

Yes Mccan reads the first verses of the Tao Te Ching by Lao Tzu

Yes, indeed – that’s the stage name of rapper Jean-François Ruel, inspired by Barack Obama’s "Yes We Can". After spending ten years with the Dead Obies, Mccan launched his solo career, starring in his first TV series: the brilliant Fugueuse. Rebellious rap queb nerd, compulsively devouring art and literature, Yes Mccan began meditating to relieve health problems. He now offers us a transcendent reading of the Tao Te Ching by Lao Tzu, Chinese sage born in the 6th century, B.C.E., who founded Taoism, no less.

Empêtré dans le désir
on ne témoigne que des manifestations
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