Words that denounce, rhythms that soothe, and images that dare. Teatime has never been so infused with raw emotion as when twelve valued collaborators of Phi take up the challenge of showing themselves in a new light. How? By reciting their favourite poem, allowing us, at the same time, to discover poetic voices. In this second part of this unique video series produced and created by Phi, Camille Poliquin, Laurence Lafond-Beaulne, and Miles Greenberg explore uncensored the interplay between rhymes and sounds, sharing with us a moment of quiet introspection.

This is how I destroyed you. And this, is how
I kept you alive.

Miles Greenberg reads Advice From Dionysus, by Shinji Moon

She’s a Korean-American poet thought to be in her early twenties, although the details of her life remain (deliberately?) something of a mystery. He’s a Montreal artist and model based in Paris who lends his body to performance art, videos, and photography. Greenberg knows this poem inside out since he used it as the inspiration for one of his works. Far from seeing these lines of free verse by Shinji Moon as a gruesome incantation, he embraced the call to throw himself out the window to create an intimate space where spectators and readers could come and curl up with him.

I bought a Snickers bar,
because I have to kill myself somehow

Camille Poliquin reads I crashed my bike last night, I was drunk, by Jay Winston Ritchie

Synth sounds have never been so infused with sweet humanity as when they accompany the light, soaring voice of Camille Poliquin, the split personality of Montreal electropop. With Laurence Lafond-Beaulne, her bandmate in rising duo Milk & Bone, Camille, who once sang and performed for Cirque de soleil, evokes the lost paradise of romantic love. But, in her solo career under the stage name Kroy, she creates darker, more tormented music. Camille tells us that, without knowing too much about the author, she chose this poem by Montrealer Jay Winston Ritchie because she can identify with these wacky and amusing snapshots, without pathos, of life in the metropolis.

Laurence Lafond-Beaulne reads an excerpt from the book Ne faites pas honte à votre siècle, by Daria Colonna

Laurence is "Bone", the other half of the Montreal electropop duo Milk & Bone, launched internationally with its critically acclaimed EP Little Mourning. (Like her bandmate, Camille Poliquin, Laurence also lends her sweet vocals to a side project, the duo Paloma.) Trained in jazz, she soon gravitated to pop, her voice light and airy, her gaze direct, and her message "girl power". No surprise that she found the mirror she sought in the words of Montreal poet Daria Colonna, author of a collection of vindictive and vulnerable poetry, nominated for a 2018 Governor General’s award.

pour le mot tendresse
et les redistributions de violences
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