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A selection of poignant cartoons exploring the role of the artist in political discourse


Being human in the age of technology.

A long hall. A black hole. A timeless space opens, unlike any seen before. Long black curtains line the room evoking the boundlessness of infinity—are they the beginning or the end of what’s visible? Spheres of light orbit overhead, celestial bodies almost within reach. Below, glassy concrete creates the illusion of floating in the atmosphere. A giant mirror catches and reflects every wave of light in a visual echo loop. Welcome to the...
From thunderstorm rumblings to dance floor energy; most of us have likely experienced some physical or emotional effects of sound. It's no wonder, then, that artists around the world have been playing with sound to create soundscapes, immersive works, and even shared meditation experiences. Within Phi's virtual reality exhibition Echo: The Sound of  Space, experiences like Eliza McNitt's Spheres trilogy—Chorus of the Cosmos, Songs of...
Éreintante, la période des fêtes? Et si on renversait la vapeur, le temps d’une évasion culturelle? Pour soi ou pour glisser sous le sapin, voici quelques activités qui promettent de nous imprégner de douceur, de poésie et de beauté. Passagers La Tohu Les 7 Doigts nous enchantent de nouveau avec Passagers, une ode au voyage et à la beauté des chassés-croisés humains. Dans ce billet de train aller-simple, des étrangers se...

Only a week left to experience a virtual reality exhibition portraying the contemporary world through the universe's timeless vibrations.


A selection of immersive works presented by British Council and Sheffield Doc/Fest


Discover the universe at a non-human scale and live immersive experiences inspired by space travel, climate change, and mass migration.

We spoke with David Lobser, the NYC-based artist, animator and “creative coder” behind Flock, a shared, location-based, social VR experience that allows participants to shed their human identities and live as birds. This multiperson VR experience is produced by Object Normal, with support from NYU/MRL, and is currently featured as part of Lucid Realities exhibition. You are actively involved in the setup of Flock, so is that how you...
With facial recognition software, RIOT (prototype) reads your emotions, which in turn affect its storyline. We spoke with London-based multidisciplinary immersive filmmaker Karen Palmer, who created the installation in partnership with the National Theatre's Immersive Storytelling Studio and Brunel University London, about using what you learn in these experiences to help “navigate through fear” in everyday life. How do you approach the...

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