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Party for the new ha-happening zine at the Phi Boutique.


Our boutique is an extension of Phi's avant-garde personality.


This conference will focus on the fraught politics of dress and religion in the Montreal and Canadian contexts.

Le Rhinocéros by Phi is the Phi Centre's diverse and eccentric boutique. It carries curated items from local and international designers, as well as original Phi produced fashion and art pieces. The boutique's philosophy is simple–to give visitors a resolutely artistic experience, where art can be both admired and acquired. Le Rhinocéros by Phi is an idiosyncratic space which morphs over the course of time. Light Therapy is the latest...

Discover the Phi Centre's boutique: unique look, unique atmosphere, unique philosophy!


November 5 from 7 PM to 10 PM at Le Rhinocéros, discover the new Non Identifié collection

Dissolution, decay, and falling apart to find new life are ideas behind WRKDEPT's first denim capsule collection. "It's the idea of letting go of old things to create something new and beautiful," explains the street brand's designer and photographer Andy Long Hoang, who along with stylist Tinashe Musara, started WRKDEPT in 2013 with a collection of five T-shirts. "I think it's cool that we're recycling unique pieces that have been through the...

From May 26 to 28 as part of C2MTL at l’Arsenal


Exclusive items for every taste and every budget


8 days of shopping until midnight; 7 nights of partying until dawn

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