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For almost 20 years, celebrated British creator Felix Barrett, founder and artistic director of the company Punchdrunk, has been redefining the classic theatre experience by transforming abandoned buildings into epic and sensory spaces where audiences can roam freely. This personalized and interactive style of theatre rejects the passive obedience usually expected of audiences, inviting them to rediscover the childlike excitement of...

A conversation with the founder and artistic director of Punchdrunk, the theatre company behind Sleep No More.


A five-minute multi-sensory experience presented by Samsung Electronics America and Punchdrunk International.

Journey along the path of adventure and emotions when the multi-sensory experience Believe Your Eyes, created by Punchdrunk International and Samsung Electronics America, opens at the Phi Centre September 15. To prepare, we met with Hector Harkness, associate director at Punchdrunk, who spoke about how to bring into existence shows that trigger the audience’s feelings. First things first, can you tell us a bit about Punchdrunk? What is the...
Nouvelles formes théâtrales, interactives et connectées à un auditoire qui n’est plus confiné à la passivité, lieux incongrus et inusités, réinterprétation de textes classiques, avalanche de succès et de distinctions, la feuille de route du créateur britannique Felix Barrett, fondateur et directeur artistique de la compagnie Punchdrunk (Sleep No More, The Drowned Man) est plus qu’impressionnante. Avec l’avènement de la...

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