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Launching show for the concept album produced at the Phi Centre.


Beyries presents her songs acoustically to conclude the Landing tour.

From DJing and promoting shows and parties in Jordan, where he was raised, to relocating to Montreal in 2009 on a whim to study sound engineering, Ohm Hourani seems to run on a high-voltage current of both science and emotion; spontaneity and careful planning. Known for his "jazzy, minimalistic" electronic music DJing, productions and live sets (such as his closing performance at MUTEK 2016, with Dominique Fils-Aimé, at the Musée d'art...
Avec son deuxième album Inscape, la pianiste néoclassique Alexandra Stréliski se délivre d’une période tortueuse de sa vie, essentiellement marquée par une dépression. «En fait, c’est un album qui raconte ma vie. Des fois, faut que j’écoute ma musique pour savoir comment je me sens», confie la pianiste montréalaise de 33 ans, qui travaillait auparavant comme compositrice dans le milieu de la publicité. «Chaque pièce de...
La Force wants you to feel. From Ready to Run, a song that La Force (Montreal-based singer and songwriter Ariel Engle) describes as "a reaction to the refugee crisis," to TBT, about "how we construct memory," the nine songs on La Force’s debut explore, as her bio explains: "life, death, motherhood, self-discovery," these beautiful extremes of life that somehow through art may find moments of harmony. Out now on Arts & Crafts (home to...

Music documentary directed by Angela Boatwright, with John Alvarado, Gary Alvarez and Nacho Corrupted. A Vans Off The Wall presentation

Los Punks: We Are All We Have is a documentary that takes us into the backyard punk scene of Boyle Heights, East L.A. and South Central Los Angeles. We get to know the passionate, hard-working young people of this largely Latino community who keep this incredible scene going strong: Nacho, a dedicated promoter who's the lead singer of Corrupted Youth, Alex of the band Psyk Ward, who is also learning to be a chef, and April, a 15-year old...

Los Angeles artist Camella Lobo presents her cold wave solo project

NTS Radio, plateforme musicale basée à Londres, s'est récemment invitée dans nos studios pour présenter une émission toute spéciale, mettant en vedette les DJ montréalais les plus en vue du moment. CRi, de passage chez nous le 17 juin prochain, faisait partie de la bande. Espace voué à l'exploration sonore pour les DJ et artistes de tous horizons, NTS a été fondée en avril 2011 par Femi Adeyemi, un des instigateurs de la...

DIGI_SECTION, the educative branch of MUTEK 2016, will be hosted by the Phi Centre

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