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An interactive exhibition to experience at the Phi Centre: 14 cutting-edge works that transport you on a sensory journey in which you are the hero.

Charles Melcher, Founder and Director of Future of StoryTelling in New York, talks storytelling, connection, and how new technologies can help get us into our bodies and out of our comfort zones. Many of the works in Embodied Narrative: Sensory Stories of the Digital Age position the visitor at the centre of his or her own experience or the hero of the story. What was the inspiration there? We actually want, and have an expectation, to have...
The Phi Centre and Valtech are on the lookout for 3 teams ready to make the jump into the world of 360° video production on the theme of “Montreal of the Future.” As part of the Embodied Narrative: Sensory Stories of theDigital Age, the Phi Centre and Valtech invite artists to conceive and produce a short 360° film lasting no more than 60 seconds on the theme of “Montreal of the Future.” The three winning teams will have their...
Dans le cadre de l'exposition Sensory Stories ayant eu lieu à l'automne dernier, nous avons rassemblé trois des plus grands talents québécois pour une discussion orientée autour des nouvelles expériences narratives. En quoi le récit traditionnel et la réalité virtuelle sont-ils différents? Comment peut-on bénéficier des nouvelles formes d'expériences narratives sur le plan humain? De quelle façon l'art et la technologie...

A conference day presented by the SODEC and co-curated by Future of StoryTelling and the Phi Centre, as part of the exhibition Sensory Stories


Quebec talents discuss new narrative experiences, as part of the Sensory Stories exhibition. Presented in partnership with Future of Storytelling


The Phi Centre presents the Canadian premiere of the exhibition Sensory Stories

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