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FOXTROTT a.k.a. Marie-Hélène L. Delorme has been making her mark on the local Montreal music scene over the last couple of years. Her brand of electronic pop has been titillating fans and critics alike. Her long awaited debut album, A Taller Us, launched at the Phi Centre to a packed crowd. The excitement and buzz surrounding this debut album is a sure sign that FOXTROTT's career will climb to high heights. Check out FOXTROTT's latest...
Last spring the Phi Centre housed an immersion into the kaleidoscopic world of emerging pop princess, Allie X–a creative collaboration which culminated in a 48h reveal. Over the course of a two-week residency, Allie X and the Phi Centre teamed up to construct the next artistic chapter in the career of the Los Angeles-by-way-of-Toronto singer/songwriter. 48H ALLIE X was the result of this intense 14-day creative collusion, which the public...
In 2013, POP Montreal came aboard to guest curate the creative assembly of a series of  short films. Five local bands were paired with five local filmmakers. The goal?  Create five musical shorts for the Phi Centre as part of the collaborative initiative 5 x Phi. The entire project—from concept development to filming, editing and recording—was completed in just three weeks using the Phi Centre’s resources, which include film sets,...

Le Centre Phi, DHC/ART et le Festival du Nouveau Cinéma présentent l'exposition de Jonas Mekas: Éloge de l’ordinaire


Un système vidéo interactif de Philomène Longpré présenté dans le cadre du Festival Elektra

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